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CNC Lathe

Oil Well Pipe Lathe KL40

KL-40Starting @ $147,700
Oil Well Pipe Lathe KL40
Model Spindle
Travel X/Z ATC CNC Control Spindle Motor Axis
FOB Special
KL-4080 A2-11 26 / 75” Optional   30 HP AC 3/1 KW $159,500
KL-40120   26 / 105”         $P.O.R.
KL-40240   26 / 235”         $P.O.R.
KL-40280   26 / 276”         $P.O.R.

Upgrade to the Fanuc CNC Lathe Control add $ 16,500.00 or the
Fagor 8055i add $ 4,500.00

CNC Control Centroid T400I

Windows based, Easy to use Conversational programming, & creates Fanuc compatible G-Code, 6 Gig Solid state memory, & multiple USB ports & network capability. Large 15” color LCD Screen with 3D Color graphics. See our Control fact sheet other standard & optional features.

Centroid Controls

CNC Control: Fagor 8055I

Fagor 8055I PC based, user friendly Control. Digital AC Servo Drives & matched motors. Linux operating system, Solid state hard drive, USB port, Ethernet port. Math Help, Graphics, Constant surface speed, Drilling, turning, threading, tapping & cut off, cycles. 2000 line look ahead, text editor, & large file storage.

Fagor Controls

Standard Accessories

Full Enclosure Coolant system Shop floor programming/Conversational
Operation manual set Auto lube system Industrial PC w/15” Color LCD
Leveling bolts & plate Halogen work light RS-232 & USB 2.0 port
Toolbox Rigid Tapping 6 GB solid state hard drive

Additional information

  • Power requirements - 20 KVA 3 phase 208 V/230 V max
  • Air requirement - 90 - 100 psi
  • Type of oil for Way oil/oil chiller/pneumatic oil - Mobil Vactra #2/Shell Tellus 32/Air tool oil
  • Coolant capacity - 40 Gallons

Additional costs which will be quoted to you with our formal proposal:
Shipping to the port of Baltimore, MD. as a deep water port is required.
Heavy use road trucking, & permits may be required.
A special Machine foundation is required. We provide you with the required data.
Special rigging is required, & only a insured rigger is to be used.
Heavy Electrical requirements will be reviewed with you.
10 days of installation, & in house training are provided.

F.O.B.: Remedy Machine, Los Angeles, CA
DELIVERY: Please check with your Remedy Machine sales team.

STANDARD TERMS OF PAYMENT: 40% down payment, balance due 10 days after machine delivery.
TAXES: Federal Tax included; State and/or Local Taxes are the responsibility of Purchaser.

VALIDITY: Proposals are valid for 30 days, prices are subject to change thereafter.
TRAINING: 2/3 day options. Please check all details with your sales team.

WARRANTY: 12 month limited warranty for any defects in material or workmanship of machine tool & factory installed components. See the full quotation or warranty detail sheet.

Request a full quotation or contact your local dealer to have a Remedy salesman contact you directly so you can learn more about our complete tooling packages.

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Shipping, rigging, training, tooling packages, more machine features, & control options are all listed in our full machine quotations. Request one today!

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