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CNC Machining Center

Model M-860

M860Starting @ $P.O.R.
Model Spindle
ATC Carousel CNC System Spindle Motor Axis
FOB California
L1320 FE-CA 40 33.8/20/24” 20 Tools M400W 20 HP AC 4KW $P.O.R.
Linear Full Chip Auger Std. Equip. Chiller    
M1320 FE-CA 50 33.8/20/24” 24 Tools M400W 25 HP AC 4KW $122,250
Box Full Chip Auger S-Arm Equip. Chiller    

Tooling Options

Software Options

CNC Control Centroid M400W

~ Windows based High Speed Industrial PC, with a Large 15” color LCD screen & Color
  graphics, multiple USB ports & network capability.
~ Easy to use Conversational programming, with teach in cycles, which creates Fanuc
  compatible G-codes.
~ Tool path graphics, rectangular, circular & irregular shape pocket machining, face mill, thread
  mill cutter comp, drilling cycles, integrated tool library, run time estimates, graphical math help.
~ G-codes & M-codes are 98% Fanuc compatible.
~ Tools, 200 sets of D & H tool compensations, Graphic view of the tool Library, easy setup &/OR
  with TT1-tool setter.
~ 6 Gig Solid state memory part program storage, easy program editing with our unlimited file size
  text editor, read, write & save programs to a USB key, &/OR com ports.
~ High speed contouring, backlash compensation, pitch error compensation, least input increment
  of 0.0001", 2000 line program look-a-head w/ accel & decel, 6000 line quadrature spindle & axis encoder closed loop interface.
~ Feed functions: rapid or feedrate traverse, 0-150% feedrate override knob, machining with
  automatic variable for the accel/decel in your corner, radius & chamfer program locations.
~ Utilities: Easy backup of program & system files, restore data & upgrade system features, CNC
  system monitors import/export, axis drag plot, PLC & system diagnostics, axis motor temperature monitor.
~ Free future software updates to the Centroid control software which will provide you new features.

Optional Controls

Standard Accessories

M400W Industrial PC Large 15” Color LCD Shop floor conversational Programming
Operation manual set Auto lube system Manual/Programmable Coolant system
Schematic Set Halogen work light (3) USB 2.0 ports & RS-232 Interface
Toolbox Leveling Bolts & Pads 6 GB solid state hard drive
1 Mb Part Program Size Compression Tapping Cutter Compensation
4th Axis Software Full Enclosure Options Subs & Macros Software

Additional information

  • Power requirements - 42 KVA 3 phase 208 V/230 V max
  • Air requirement - 90 - 100 psi
  • Type of oil for Way oil/oil chiller/pneumatic oil - Mobil Vactra #2/Shell Tellus 32/Air tool oil
  • Coolant capacity - 64 Gallons

F.O.B.: Remedy Machine LA., California
DELIVERY: Please check with Your Remedy Machine sales team.

STANDARD TERMS OF PAYMENT: 40% down-payment, balanced due 10 days after machine delivery.
TAXES: Federal included; State & Local Taxes are the responsibility of Purchaser.

VALIDITY: Proposals are valid for 30 days, prices are subject to change there after.
TRAINING: 2/3 day options. Please check details with your sales team.

WARRANTY: 12 months limited warranty for any defects in material or workmanship of machine tool & factory installed components. See the full quotation or warranty detail sheet.

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