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Cutter Grinder

M-40 Manual

M-40Starting @ $28,150

Standard Accessories

Lt-Hand & Rt Hand Tailstock Diamond Dresser
Collet Wrench Center Gauge
Ejector Rod T-wrench for Grinding wheel
Plane tooth rest holder & blade Sleeve extracting bar
Wrench and Allen sets Spindle drive belt
4” Spindle extension Tool cabinet
Workhead draw bolt Pin wrench
Wheel Guards w/ long & short holders Universal tooth rest plate & blade
4” extension wheel sleeve & collar Micro Adjust toothrest w/round blade

F.O.B.: Remedy Machine LA., California
DELIVERY: Please check with Your Remedy Machine sales team.

STANDARD TERMS OF PAYMENT: 40% down-payment, balanced due 10 days after machine delivery.
TAXES: Federal included; State & Local Taxes are the responsibility of Purchaser.

VALIDITY: Proposals are valid for 30 days, prices are subject to change there after.
TRAINING: 2 days. Please check details with your sales team.

WARRANTY: 12 months limited warranty for any defects in material or workmanship of machine tool & factory installed components. See the full quotation or warranty detail sheet.

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