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Double Column Machining Center


Stock PhotoStarting @ $357,000

Stock Double Column Machine Picture
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D2202 Double Column Machining Center
Mdoel Spindle
Travel X/Y/Z ATC
Arm Type
CNC Fanuc S pindle Motor Axis Motors FOB Special
D2202 BT-50 83/78/39” None Oi-MB 30 HP 7/7/4 $357,000
D2202/32     32 Tools       $P.O.R.
D2202/40     40 Tools       $P.O.R.

Additional costs which will be quoted to you with our formal proposal
*Shipping to the port of Baltimore, MD., as a deep water port is required.
*Heavy use road trucking, & permits may be required.
*A special Machine foundation is required. We provide you with the required data.
*Special rigging is required, & only a insured rigger is to be used.
*Heavy Electrical requirements will be reviewed with you.
*10 days of installation, & in house training are provided

Tooling Options

Software Options

Fanuc Controls

Standard Accessories

Full Enclosure Multi-door Hi-Pressure Coolant system Dual Screw table Chip Conveyors
Operation manual Hi-Pressure Auto lube system Inspection Charts   Manual Set
Z Counter Balance System MPG Box RS-232 Port
Leveling bolts & plates Halogen work light  

Optional Items

4th Axis Rotary Table 45 Degree Angle Cutter Head
Automatic Tool Height Setting device Chain Type ATC Magazine
Oil Water Separation tank Linear Scale Feedback
Coolant through the spindle 90 degree Side milling head
Tool & part probing  

Additional Accessories information

  • Power requirements - 60 KVA 3 phase 208 V/230 V max
  • Air requirement - 90 - 100 psi
  • Type of oil for Way oil/oil chiller/pneumatic oil - Mobil Vactra #2/Shell Tellus 32/Air tool oil
  • Coolant capacity - 46 Gallons

NOTE: Shipping to the port of Baltimore, MD. a deep water port is required.
Heavy use road trucking is required.
A special Machine foundation is required. We provide required data.
Special rigging is required.
Heavy Electrical requirements.

F.O.B.: Special port landing instructions
DELIVERY: Please check with Your Remedy Machine sales team.

STANDARD TERMS OF PAYMENT: 30% down-payment with Order, 30% at Port- before Shipping, 20% at completed installation, 10% Net 20 days after installation.
TAXES: Federal included; State & Local Taxes are the responsibility of Purchaser.

VALIDITY: Proposals are valid for 30 days, prices are subject to change there after.
TRAINING: 4 days. Please check details with your sales team.

WARRANTY: 12 months limited warranty for any defects in material or workmanship of machine tool & factory installed components. See the full quotation or warranty detail sheet.

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