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Remedy Mills and Lathes are now available with the world famous Fanuc controls.

Have Remedy – Fanuc be your production partner.

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Fanuc, is the world standard for CNC Controls. Fanuc builds controls for all types of machinery and robot applications.
Remedy now offers Fanuc controls on our mills and lathes.

Fanuc builds a wide range of Controls for simple machine tools to the most complex, as well as for other general industrial machines. Customers around the world, trust FANUC Controls for their milling, turning, robot and other machine control needs. From small job shops to large industrial production facilities, manufactures know that they can rely on FANUC Controls for industry-leading reliability, and high-speed performance and precision. With more than 3.9 million FANUC CNC systems installed around the world, FANUC is the world’s leading supplier of intelligent factory automation systems and CNC technology.


The FANUC CNC Series 0i MF mill control is the newest generation in the highly popular Series 0i and integrates many features found on the Series 30i-MODEL B. The Series 0i-F brings faster, more accurate performance to a wide range of milling, turning, punching and grinding applications with more standard features, more advanced capabilities and faster communications than ever before. The Series 0i control is the industry's most reliable system with a Mean Time between Failure rate of 52 years.
FANUC develops cutting edge CNC and motion control systems for a wide range of applications from basic, high-volume, high-repetition commodity production to unique, highly complex, parts that require the highest precision and advanced machining techniques.


Fanuc Lathe controls Fanuc Series Oi-TF

Turning centers benefit from Fanuc’s advanced turning cycles with these features and many more.
Arbitrary Speed Threading & Thread Repair Threading Retract
Dual-Path Synchronization Tool-Nose Radius Compensation
Canned Cycles for Drilling High-Speed Rigid Tapping
G54-G59 Plus 48 Additional WCS Lathe G-code systems A/B/C
400 Tool Off sets Pairs Tool Life Management
Tool Length Measurement  


High reliability and easy maintenance
Reliable hardware with clear diagnostics provides a stable platform for maximum machine availability. With a mean-time-between-failure of up to 52 years, and production lifetime product support, FANUC controls provide machine availability that far exceeds any competitor. FANUC controls provide the lowest total cost of ownership, low operating costs, high performance and a high resale value.

FANUC CNC systems, drives, motors, I/O and connectivity combine to provide the best machine performance for applications ranging from simple and straight forward to the most complex.

Ultimate resolution and precision for quality machining
The CNC and drive system executes at a nanometer resolution all the way down to the 16-million count encoders for the maximum precision and the smoothest contoured surface finish quality.

Simple operation for maximum productivity
Operators with previous FANUC experience can use their existing skills as they learn new techniques, and existing part programs will run smoothly with little or no modification. New Fanuc controls are designed to be extremely user-friendly, and make operating CNC machines easy and efficient.

The new flat panel, features ergonomically positioned keys, redesigned hardware and a brand new user interface. Despite its redesigned look and more intuitive layout, FANUC users will find it provides a familiar user experience.

Powerful simulation tools
Simulation of CNC operation, part programming and maintenance screens for effective training of operators, part programmers, maintenance engineers and technicians in a safe environment.

State of the Art Hardware
FANUC offers the widest range of purpose-built CNC systems on the market, with matched sizes of servo and spindle motors with perfectly matching amplifiers consolidated into high-performance packages. Whatever your needs, FANUC can provide the optimal system to deliver the outstanding performance and energy efficiency you demand. All FANUC motors and amplifiers are developed, manufactured and tested to perfection in-house at FANUC Japan. The results are superior functional reliability and the highest levels of machine runtime.

Safety if a power failure occurs
If a power outage occurs, Power Failure Backup Modules (PFBM) provide sufficient energy for a safe stop and/or retraction of the spindle and servo axes. This prevents damage to the machine, tooling, spindle as well as the workpiece.

Fanuc Code Format
Fanuc is the world standard for G and M codes. Fanuc codes are the most widely used in the world of CNC controls and programming CAD CAM systems.

Software Solutions
Conversational programming, Data management, CNC on a PC, and operations monitoring are all features that Fanuc controls offer to you.

Customer Support
Fanuc offers 24/7 support with a wide range of customer support centers staffed with experienced technical support people. Fanuc offers a wide range of training for operation and service. Parts, field service, technical helpline, or add on options. Fanuc can do it all.


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