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Manual Knee Mill

3VHG & 3EV

3VHG and 3EVStarting @ $9,700

Both are shown with Standard DRO and X-power feed
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Aone 3VHG Manual Knee Mill & 3EV Inverter Head K-Mill
Model Spindle Travel X/Y/Z/K Tool Change   Spndle Motor Power Feed FOB California
3VHG R8 36/15.75/5/16” Manual   3HP X-axis $9,700
3EV R8 31/14/5/16” Manual   3 HP Std. $P.O.R.

VSG = Manual Vary Speed Head EV = Inverter Vary Speed Head

Tooling Options

Software Options

Standard Accessories

Work Lamp Coolant system Ready R8 Spindle and collet tray
Machine manual set Manual 1 shot lube system Way cover Set - Toolbox

Additional Information

Power requirement - 4 KVA 3 phase 208 V/230 V max
Air requirement - 90 - 100 psi w/ optional Power draw bar
Type of oil for Way oil / oil chiller / pneumatic oil - Mobil Vactra #2 / Air tool oil
Coolant capacity - 6 Gallons

F.O.B.: Remedy Machine LA., California
DELIVERY: Please check with Your Remedy Machine sales team.

STANDARD TERMS OF PAYMENT: 40% down-payment, balanced due 10 days after machine delivery.
TAXES: Federal included; State & Local Taxes are the responsibility of Purchaser.

VALIDITY: Proposals are valid for 30 days, prices are subject to change there after.
TRAINING: 2 days. Please check details with your sales team.

WARRANTY: 12 months limited warranty for any defects in material or workmanship of machine tool & factory installed components. See the full quotation or warranty detail sheet.

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