Remedy Machine Sales, LLC

From a simple Bridgeport Move or a full Shop Move we can help!



We will move a simple Bridgeport mill into your garage with a 80” door height, or move a complete machine shop hundreds of miles. Remedy Machine Sales, LLC ( a division ECEDM) has been moving machinery for over 20 years. We are known for our on time, quality work.

All of our people are experienced CNC Machine tool riggers.
Our experience may save you thousands of dollars not having damage, &/or the aggravating down time when your machinery is moved by a company which does not know machinery.
Always use a professional to move your precision machinery.

We only use “Air Ride” trucks & trailers, & we know that this is the only way to transport CNC machinery.
We offer a wide choice of weight lifting capabilities, & we price them accordingly.

We are an insured mover of machinery.
Hourly pricing, & written quotes with competitive pricing are available from us.

We service: Eastern PA. New Jersey, Delaware, & Maryland.


  • 500 – 5000 lbs    $125.00 per hour & tolls
      Includes: Air ride roll back Mack Truck, 1 Man, & a 5,000 lb fork truck.
  • 5000 – 9900 lbs    $175.00 per hour & tolls
      Includes: Air ride roll back Mack Truck, 1 Man, & a 10,000 lb fork truck.
  • 10,000 – 20,000 lbs    $325.00 per hour & tolls
      Includes: Air ride Tractor Trailer, 1 Man, & a 25,000 lb fork truck.
  • 20,000 – 40,000 lbs    $650.00 per hour & tolls
      Includes:(2) Air ride Tractor Trailers, 2 Men, & a 50,000 + lb fork truck
  • Long Distant Hauling    P.O.R.
      We offer long distance transportation of machinery. Each job is specifically quoted per request.

  • Machine Storage:

    We offer dry storage of machinery.
    We always price storage on the floor space required.
    Minimum charge of $ 125.00 for the first 1-30 days for a 6’ x 6’ area.
    Minimum of $ 45.00 per month afterwards.

    All storage is priced on the square floor space required.
    We are responsive to your special needs, & will try to accomindate them.

    You may bring the machinery to our facility, & we will place in on our floor, or we can pick up the machinery & bring it to our facility for you.

    Machinery Rigging is separate from storage prices.

    Request a Rigging Quote - Call 215-540-0404

    All rigging quotes are done either by phone or in person.
    There are many various items which must be considered for rigging, therefore we do not have an automatic form for quoting.

    Call Ed Tremblay at 215-540-0404 to discuss your rigging or shipping needs.