Remedy Machine Sales, LLC

We Offer Training on the Following Brands:

We offer training on all Hansvedt EDM Machinery
Centroid Controls Models: M10-M15 - - M400 dos - - M400 Linux
Fagor: All Fagor Mill and lathe controls


Centroid Control Training Video’s:

They take you from the basic powering up your machine, and the Homing cycle through all of the machining set up and conversational programming cycles. Multiple Videos are linked here.


Training Rates:

Training rates are $ 95.00 per hour, and travel is $ 85.00 per hour, door to door.


What Brands Do We Service?

Milling Machines: Remedy, Millport, Bridgeport, Supermax, Acer, and all Centroid controlled CNC Mill types

EDM: Hansvedt, Eltee, Cincinati-Milicron, Southbend, Hurco, Fanuc, and Mitsubishi.


Service Rates:

Service rates are $ 115.00 per hour, and travel is $ 85.00 per hour, door to door.

Service Response Time, and Contact Information:

Call East Coast EDM @ 215-540-0404

We will always try to respond to your service needs quickly, even on weekends.
We understand how important each machine is to your production and deliver needs.
Many times we can respond to you, the same day with service and parts.
Our technicians can, and do fix both the control and mechanical side of your machine.

Some customers may prefer to ship their parts to us, to be repaired.
We have test fixtures, parts, and a huge technical library to complete these needs.
In house turn around can be completed many times in 1-2 days.
We are always looking to serve you better, and save you money!

Service Rates:

  • Our standard labor rates are in effect for an 8 hour day, Monday through Friday.
  • Additional hours are charged at the overtime rate.
      Standard labor rate - $ 115.00 / hour - Monday thru Friday
      Overtime rate - $ 150.00 / hour
      Weekends & Holidays - $ 225.00 / hour
      Service Related Travel - $ 85.00 / hour (All hours traveled)
  • Troubleshooting by Phone 215-540-0404

    Trouble consulting hours –

    9:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday – Friday (Eastern time)

    Many times we can help customers isolate a problem to a board or component on the phone.
    Before you call us, you need to check all of the fuses (remove and check) and also the breakers.
    It is important that you have the model and serial number of the equipment for us.
    You should have the service manuals, and schematics at hand.
    You must have a digital voltmeter and know basic electrical checking procedures.


    Safety notes and disclaimer:

    With phone service:
    We can not, and will not be responsible for your safety, or your safe work practices.
    If you are not an experienced electrician, do not work with electricity or in electric cabinets.

    With the above noted: the more information you can provide to us about your situation the better chance of success we have fixing your problem on the phone.

    Basic answers we need:

    Make and Model of the machine and control
    What is the Problem?
    Recent history of the equipment.
    Has it been moved?
    Have there been recent thunderstorms in your area?
    Have there been brown outs in your area?
    Company Name and Contact information
    Has anyone else serviced this machine?
    Has it been working normally the last 10 days or has it gotten worse over time? Any other machines in your shop with new problems?
    Do all operators have the same problem?


    Phone Consulting:

    We will provide up to two (2) hours of free phone consultation to a customer.
    We will work with you multiple times throughout the day(s) as necessary to fix the problem.
    It is normal that multiple conversations will be needed.
    But when a problem requires extensive phone time, consulting charges may result.
    Such charges are always discussed with you in advance.
    You will never receive an unexpected bill for phone service consultations


    Service Warranty:

    We warranty our service work for a period of 30 days.
    This warranty is provided only to the specific repair, and or parts provided and charged for by Remedy Machine Sales, LLC (ECEDM).
    Unrelated, new, cascading, and or additional machine problems are not covered under this warranty.
    Used and or rebuilt parts are not covered with this warranty.


    Repair Parts:

    Replacement and required parts are available at an additional cost, and they are not included in our service rates. Our experience has proven, and we strongly recommend that you do not use: rebuilt parts, used parts, or used PC boards whenever possible.
    Please note: because of, and with this suggestion in mind, should you choose to use rebuilt or used parts: If they do not work, we charge our normal hourly rates to get them working in your machine.


    Machine Rebuild and Retrofit Controls:

    Machine rebuilding, and CNC control installation rates vary. A detailed inspection of the machine is required before we can provide a quote to you. Our quote will list and detail all of the work to be provided.
    Occasionally unexpected problems do arise. A solution will be discussed with the customer in detail before we continue with the job. Remedy will not be liable for, nor will we provide any warranty should a customer wish to reuse old parts including, but not limited to: Reuse axis motors, drives, hydraulic systems, bearings, pumps, relays, limit switch, etc.
    We will provide the most comprehensive pre-inspection of the machine as we can.



    All parts shipped from our company and associates are FOB shipping point.
    We will gladly make every effort to assure that your parts will arrive where and when you need them.
    We will not, and can not guarantee the arrival of part shipments.
    We use Fed/Ex or UPS as needed.
    Our associates and we will add a handling charge to all shipments. These charges cover packaging materials, and labor for all shipments.


    Billing and Payment Terms:

    New customers: Prepay or COD until a relationship is created between our two companies.

    Service Calls: Payment is due at the completion of the service call.

    Rigging: Payment is due at completion of the job.

    Net 10 days can be arranged, in advance to customers of known good credit.

    No service will be provided to an account which is past due.
    Late pay customers, will be put on a “PREPAY of service only” basis.
    12% per month will be added to any and all accounts past due.